How to Set the Security Level for an Entry


By default, all of your Passpack entries are created using the medium security level (see Double Lock below). However, if you'd like to change the security level for an entry, you have two options:


  1. Click an entry to open it. On the right-hand side, next to the Notes tab, there is a small Options tab. Click the Options tab and change the security setting. Press Ok when you have finished.

  2. Click on the lock icon in your password list. The lock icon is not visible by default. If you will be making frequent changes to your security levels, you can change this default setting under Settings > Appearance.


What Do the Different Security Levels Mean? 

In more technical terms, the lock represents your choice of encryption. You can choose a Single Lock, a Double Lock or a Triple Lock.

Triple Lock -- AES-256 bit encryption.

This is the same encryption used by the US government for ‘top secret’ information and is said to take 149 trillion years to crack only one entry encrypted with AES-256 yes, ONE at a time... you do the math. We suggest you use this lock for all sites linked to any personal information, e-mail accounts, links to online shopping or critical information.

Double Lock -- AES-128 bit encryption, your Passpack default lock.

This encryption is also approved and used by the US government for ‘classified’ or ‘secret’ information. You’d probably want to Double Lock entries that take you to frequently visited forum sites or social networking sites where your name and reputation is public.

Single Lock -- xxTEA-128 bit encryption.

This is the fastest, yet least robust, of the 3 locks. Using a Single Lock would lighten your account and making unpacking faster overall. The Single Lock is a valid option for sites in which no personal information has been disclosed, such as online magazines, download registrations and the famous ‘junk accounts’. Some users also store some-non password entries in their Passpack account - like bookmarks. Single Lock security would also be fine for these non-critical entries as well.

How To See Only Entries With a Certain Security Level

Click the show more link in the bottom right cornre of the Quick Filters pane. You can expand the Securty Level item to see the three securty levels available. Clicking any one of these will filter your list to view only those with the secirity level you have chosen. 

Making Passpack Faster with Security Levels

If you have a very large account (with 50 entries or more), you may start to notice that Passpack becomes slow to load right after you sign in. Since the most advanced levels of security require more time to decrypt, you can reduce the wait by giving more speed to the entries which are less critical and extra protection to those you'd prefer to keep ‘top secret’.

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