How to Import Passwords into Passpack


Passpack lets you quickly import passwords from any other password manager with the standard CSV format. Read these instruction for saving Excel spreadsheets as CSV. 

Since not all programs use standard CSV, we've also built in some helpers the following product-specific formats: 

  • KeePass Password Safe XML
  • Roboform Logins/Passcards
  • Roboform SafeNotes
  • Clipperz JSON
  • Password Plus

First, Export From Your Current Program

This is different for every program, however most should have an export function, and almost always there is either a Comma Separated Values or Tab Separated Values, option. Just follow the instructions provided with your current program. If there is no export option (that's not nice) then look around for a print or save as option. If there isn't one, you should contact the company and complain about "vendor lock-in" and hope they'll help.

Read these instructions for Roboform or Read here about exporting from your browser.

Import Into Passpack

First, copy the text from your exported data file. Then, in your Passpack account, go to Tools > Import and select either the Comma Separated Values or the Name of the password program you have exported from (depending on which you've got of course). Press Continue to proceed to the next screen.


(1) Paste your copied text into the large textbox.

(2) (3) You will only see these options when importing a standard CSV. If you're not sure, leave these as-is.

(4) Your next step is to put the values in order. To put the fields in the proper sequence, just click the black boxes in the order you'd like them to appear and they will move into the slots below.

If you're not sure what the order should be, have a look at the first line of text and you'll surely be able to make some sense of it. For example, if the first line of the file looks like this:,tarak,9djn3y728s,,shopping

Then you can figure out that is the name, tarak is the User ID, 9djn3y728 looks like a password, s is clearly a link, shopping was the category in the old program, so that'll be my Tag in Passpack and it seems there are no Notes or Email.  Here's what the ordered fields would look like for this example:


It's OK to that the Notes and Email values were left unclicked. You are not required to use them all. If you make a mistake, just click the start over link.

(5) Sometimes the first line of your file will actually be a description of the values. That will make choosing the order much easier. In this case, you should also tick the Skip header row checkbox. This will keep Passpack from importing those labels as if they were a real password entry.

(6) Once you're ready, press the Continue button. If there are any problems, this is when Passpack will let you know. If it's anything you cant figure out, just ask for help. If everything is ok, Passpack will take you to the next screen with a preview of your data.

Preview & Confirm 

Make sure that the values are in the order you expect them to be. If so, press Continue and they will be added to your Passpack account. If you need to make changes, press Cancel and you can start over.

Press the red Save my pack button - this is important. Once everything is properly saved, you should delete the export file from your computer.

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