How to Restore Passwords From a Backup


Passpack allows you to restore your data from a personal backup at any time. Use this feature to recover data, or to securely transfer data between accounts. Go to Tools >Restore from within your Passpack account.

To use Restore, you need to have a backup, not an export. Backups and exports are different.


(1) If your browser supports it, youíll see a browse button and you can choose to upload your backup file directly. Otherwise, if you donít see a browse button, youíll need to open your backup file with a simple text editor (like notepad - not Word, Word wonít work) and copy and pasted the encrypted text into the blue box youíll see on screen.

(2) Most of the time, you can leave this option as is, however there are three cases when youíll want to choose the The backup was encrypted using a specific Backup Key option:

  1. You've changed your Packing Key between when you made the backup and when you restore it -- use your old Packing Key as the Backup Key.
  2. You're restoring a backup from a different account other than your own (this is a good way to safely move large amounts of passwords back and forth between Passpack accounts)
  3. If you specifically set a Backup Key different from your Packing Key.

If you choose the Backup Key option, a field will appear. You can insert the Backup Key there.

(3) Press Preview. This will take you to the next screen.

Preview and Confirm

Once you've chosen all of your options, press the Preview button. Make sure everything is as it should be, then press the Import button to proceed. If you do not press the Import button, nothing will be restored. When youíre done, go to your Passwords tab and press the red Save All button.

Can I Restore Messages, Settings or People?

No, that is not currently supported. Only Passwords can be backed up, and only passwords will be restored. 

Are Shared Passwords Restored?

All the passwords which are included in your backup will be restored. Once restored, you will need to re-share it by following the same procedure you normally would to share a password entry with someone. Sharing will not be re-applied automatically.

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