How to Sign Up for Passpack with OpenID


Passpack is supports OpenID as a relying party, also called an OpenID consumer. This means you can use your OpenID as the login for your Passpack account.

How to Sign Up

To use your OpenID, go to and insert your OpenID identity and provider. This will take you to your OpenID provider so you can login and give Passpack permission to access your account. You can then finish your Passpack registration by creating your Packing Key. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Bookmark the Sign In Page

To sign into your Passpack account, go to We suggest you bookmark that page for faster access.

Additional Technical Information

We worked closely with users to make sure that Passpack would interact properly with delegations, unknown providers, phishing controls and more. Read about how all this works on our blog. 

Passpack supports a variety of login options. Click here to learn more about Third Party Logins options.

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