How to Set Your Packing & Saving Preferences


You can decide how long your Passpack account stays inactive before it locks up. You can also set it to automatically save any changes you've made in the meantime. To set your preferences, go into your Settings > Packing and Saving. 


(1) Passpack will automatically save all your changes as you make them. If you would like to prevent this, change the setting to No. Otherwise, leave it as-is.

(2) Set the number of minutes that you'd like Passpack to stay open before it locks up from inactivity. The maximum is 60 minutes. Make it much shorter if you work in a busy spot and/or often walk away from your computer. Having 1 Click Login turned on, will override this setting - your account will remain open until you turn it off. Set this to zero to stop Passpack from locking up at all. Only do this if you are absolutely, positively sure that no one will have access to your Passpack account should you walk away from the computer.

You can manually lock up your account at any time buy pressing the Lock it up! button in the upper right corner of your screen.

(3) This is set to Yes by default and we suggest you keep it that way. Be forewarned, that if you set this to No, then proceed to make changes and walk away from your computer, you will risk loosing all changes because Passpack will discard them before locking up.

(4) Press Save to save your settings.

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