How to Set Your Password List Viewing Preferences


You can set the number of rows in your password list and what you want to see for each entry in the list. To set your preferences, go into your Settings > Appearance. There are a number of options available to you. The less you view, the more "airy" and clean the Passwords tab will feel. The more you choose, the more cluttered it will look, but it's the trade off you get for more flexibility. Go ahead and play with these options until you find the balance that is just right for you. 


(1) Tick this option to show the Icons for entry details or not. If you turn this option on, you will be able to click on any icon to quickly copy the contents without having to open the Entry window. A description of what each icon means is here.

(2) Tick this option to show the Tags associated with each entry. If you turn this option on, you will be able to click on any tag to quickly filter your list. This is the same as clicking on a tag in your tag cloud

Keyboard trick: If you hold down the e key on your keyboard while you click a tag in your password list, you can edit the tags right then and there without opening the Entry window. 

(3) Tick this option to show a clickable Favorites star for each entry entry in your list. More about favorites.

(4) Tick this option to show a clickable Security Level lock for each entry entry in your list. More about security levels

(5) Use the plus and minus button to change the number of rows. By default, this is set to 10. The minimum is 4, and the maximum is 30. Anything above 15 may cause Passpack to become sluggish.

(5) Press Save Changes when you're done. 


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