How to Regenerate Your Passpack it! Button


If you'd like to regenerate a new Passpack It! (1 Click Login) button, go to the Auto-login tab inside your account, click on Install your button and then click on Regenerate Now

You must the delete your existing button, and install the new (regenerated) one.

The Slow Way to Reinstall Your Button (But Easy)

Delete your Passpack it! button by right clicking it and choosing delete. Then install a new one.

The Faster Way (for Advanced Folks)

This takes longer to explain than to do. Do not delete your Passpack It! button. Rather, go to the Auto-login tab and Choose Install your button.

Right click the button on your screen and choose Properties from the menu. You'll get a popup window, then select the Address or URL field and copy it - it should start with

javascript:(function(){/*PassPack It!

and end with 


(it's very long so make sure make sure you copy the entire thing).

Close the popup.

Now, right click the Passpack It! button that you've already installed in your toolbar and choose Properties from the menu. You'll get another popup window, select the contents of the Address or URL field and delete it, then paste in the new link.

Close the popup. You're done.

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