Changing Weak Passwords


Once you start using Passpack, you should use Password's password generator when you set up new accounts so each account will have a super strong password. You can choose super strong passwords since as long as you're logged into Passpack, you won't need to remember individual passwords anymore. 

But what should you do about websites that already have a weak password? Take opportunities to change old passwords to new, stronger passwords by taking a moment when logged into your online accounts to change the weak password to a stronger one generated by the Passpack password generator.

You can do this little by little, or if you'd like to make a weekend project out of it, the tips below should help walk you through the process.

Find Weak Passwords

If you know that all of your passwords are currently weak, then you'll need to open them up one by one. However if you have a mix of strong and weak passwords, then you can use Passpack's Quick Search to easily spot which entries have certain words in the password.

For example, if your usual password was always some variation on "fluffy"?, then type "flu"? into the Quick Search field above your list of entries. The entries that contain "flu"? anywhere in the password, will have the password icon shaded yellow. These are the entries you should change first.

Highlighted password Icon 

If you do not see the password icon in your list, it may be hidden. To unhide it, go to Settings > Appearance.

Make a New Password with Passpack

Regardless of how you find the entries you want to change (some, or all) you'll want to open the entry window. First, make sure you have a copy of the old password, just in case you need it later on. Copy and temporarily paste it in the Notes field.

Next, make a new password. Click on the Suggest a password button in the upper right hand corner of the entry window. Make a new strong password: 12 characters is usually a good start, and if the website accepts oddball characters, add them too. Press the Use this button. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to replace the old password with this new one in your Passpack entry. You do.

Change the Password on the Website

Click on the Go button (assuming you've filled in the link) and login to the website. On the website, locate the option to change your passwordCopy your new strong password that the password generator inserted into the Password field, and paste it into the appropriate field on the website. If you need to also provide the old password, copy that from the Notes filed. 

Save the Changes to Your Passpack Account

Complete the password change process on the website. Then back in your Passpack account, press the OK button in your entry window.


Repeat this process for all of your weak passwords.

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