How to Confirm and Manage Your Email


When you sign up for a Passpack account, you will be asked to provide an email. This is optional, but highly recommended. Without a confirmed email address emergency situations like forgot logins or account deletions cannot be dealt with.

How to Confirm Your Email

If you provided an email address during sign up, or once you provide one from within your account, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on the confirmation link provided and Passpack will automatically confirm your email for you.

If for some reason you are not able to, or do not want to, use the link in the email, you can manually confirm your email instead. From within your Passpack account, go to Account > Confirm Your Email and paste in the Confirmation Code that was sent to you.

If You Did Not Receive the Confirmation Email

The confirmation email can take a few minutes to arrive. However, if you did not get the confirmation email within a reasonable amount of time then one of two things has likely happened:

  1. The email got lost in the junk mail, or spam filter
    To remedy this, please add to your email address book, then go to Account > Confirm Your Email, scroll down and press the Send Again button.

  2. You accidentally mistyped the email
    To remedy this, go to Account > Confirm Your Email and scroll down to the last option. Insert your email again, double check that it is typed properly, then press the Change & Send button.

If You Did Not Provide an Email Upon Registration

To add your email address, go to Account > Activate Your Email. Insert the email address you want to associate with your account, a confirmation email will be sent to the address provided.

How to Change the Email Associated with Your Account

If your email changes, please keep this updated in your Passpack account. Go to Account > Manage Your Email. You will be asked to insert your Packing Key for security, and then to insert the new email address. A confirmation email will be sent to the address provided.

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