Password Suggestions


The Password Suggestions tool (sometimes called a Password Generator) is a way to quickly make passwords while adding a new entry, or updating a previous one.This tool simply invents new, unique passwords for you so that you do not have to think one up yourself. Please note: it does not set, update or send the created password to the website in your entry (this is a common misconception).

How To Get a Suggestion for a Password

To make a new password, just press the Suggest button in your entry window. A new window will popup, the Password Suggestions tool. As soon as it opens, it will already have a suggested password for you:

  • If you like the suggested password
    Press the Use This button and the password will be inserted into your entry.
  • If you do not like the suggested password
    You may change some of the settings, or just keep pressing the Suggest button until you get a password that satisfies you or press the Cancel button to close the password suggestions window (no changes will be made to your entry).

The suggested password can be copied and pasted wherever youd like, or press the Use This button and itll be inserted for you in the entry window. If you do not want to change your entry, press Cancel.

Change the Suggested Password Length

You may type in a number in the box to have Passpack generate a password for a specific length for you. For example, type "8" and an eight character password will be suggested, or type "40" for a forty character password. Alternatively, you can use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to the right of the box.

The minumim length is 1 character. The maximum length is 64 characters.

It is usually a good idea to check if there is a minimum or maximum password length limitation at the website you are creating a password for. Some websites (unfortunately) do not make this information readily available. Most websites accept between 6 and 12 characters.

Also, some websites have the bad habit of seemingly accepting a long password, but in reality they only accept the first, for example, 12 characters. If this is the case, you usually won't notice until you try and login and they tells you your password is wrong. This doesn't depend on Passpack, but if you've recently generated a long password for that website, keep in mind this may be the casue. Please contact the website owner.

Change Letters, Numbers and Symbols Settings

Use the checkboxes to decide what type of characters you would like the password to contain:

  • ABC - will use some UPPERCASE letters in the password
  • abc - will use some lowercase letters in the password
  • 123 - will use some numbers 0-9 in the password
  • &% - will use some symbols like $"!&/()=&?*#@ in the password
  • - will use accented letters and characters from other alphabets in the password
When selected symbols or accented letters, you should first check if these are accepted by the at the website that you are creating a password for. Not all website accept them.

How to Create a Strong Password

Just because you use the Password Suggestions tool, does not automatically mean that the password you generate is strong. For example, if you it will generate a 1 character password for you if you tell it to - but that is definintaly not strong.

It is best to create the longest password that the website accepts, and use symbols or accented letters if these are allowed. There is also a quality rating given for each password suggested, this should help you understand if your password is good enough for your purposes or not.

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