What Are The Icons In My Password List?


Depending on your settings, you may see 6 little black icons to the right of each entry in your list. You may change these settings in your Settings > Appearance menu.

Each icon represents a field in your entry window and are shown in your password list. They let you see at a glance if a certain field in your entry has been filled out or not.

If the icon is black, the field in your entry has been filled out and you can click on the icon to quickly copy the contents. If the icon is gray-ish, the field is empty.

The following is a list of what each of these icons represent within your entry :

User Id (ex. your name)

Email address associated with your entry (ex. yourname@yahoo.com)

Password (ex. JuHMNcwVgFm0)

Link to the URL address associated with entry (ex. www.yahoo.com)

Notes. Add extra relevant info (ex. frequent flier miles, reservation numbers)

Tags, keywords or labels to help find your entries quickly (ex. blog, forum, travel)

When you do a quick search, if the field in your entry contains the word you search for, the black icon will be filled in with yellow.

How To Copy the Password?

You can click on any one of the icons to immediately copy content so that you can pastes it elsewhere. This can be useful for example when you are not able to use the Passpack It! button. Simply click the password icon for the entry in your list, then go and paste it into the website's login form.

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