Google Gears Turbo Mode


Turbo mode, as the name implies, is built to help make Passpack faster. It is an optional tool based on the Google Gears technology. Only people with Google Gears already installed on their computer can use Turbo mode. Also, if you are using Chrome, Safari 4 or Firefox 3.5 you don't need turbo mode and we've turned that option off completely (those browsers are fast enough not to need it).

If you do not have Google Gears installed on your computer, you will not be asked to install it. You will not even notice the option is there. Should you want to use Turbo mode, log out of your Passpack account, install Google Gears from the Google website, and return to Passpack when you are done.Then follow the instructions that follow.

How To Activate Turbo Mode

The first time you connect to your Passpack account with Google Gears installed, you will be asked if you would like to activate Turbo mode.

Passpack Turbo Activation Popup 

Press OK to make your account faster. Press cancel to continue using your account as-is. Should you choose, you turn Turbo off at any time on the Settings > Packing & Saving screen.

Once For Every Browser & Computer

Since Google Gears is installed locally to your browser, you must activate separately for every browser on every computer that you wish to use Turbo mode on. Passpack will remember your choice with a cookie on that specific browser/computer combination.

How You Know It's Working

Google Gears Indicator Icon

When Passpack is actively using Google Gears to speed something up, you will see a small animated icon appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen. It will disappear as soon as Gears has completed the process. Sometimes this may be so fast that the icon just flashes for a half second. 

Currently, this is the first release of Turbo mode. It uses Google Gears to unpack your tags. Further optimizations may follow.

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