Keeping 1 Click Login On Even If You Lock Up or Close Your Tab


By default, Passpack will not lock up your account when 1 Click Login is active.

This means that your account must always be open (and visible) in order to use your Passpack It! button. However, some folks like to login to Passpack in the morning, and want to use 1 Click Login all day without having to keep Passpack open and unlocked in a tab. Go to Auto-login > Options for power users to do this.

Please note that if you close the entire browser, 1 Click Login will be shut off. This option applies to closing a single tab, not the whole browser.

In this case, the Passpack It! button will remain active as long as you use it at least once every X hours (you choose how many hours). Be careful - this is not X hours from the time you last entered your Passpack account, it's X hours since the last time you pressed your Passpack It! button.

An Example of How it Works

Suppose you set this option to 4 hours. On Monday 8am, you login to your Passpack account and activate 1 Click Login. Then you lock up our account - you have 4 hours to use your Passpack It! button before it deactivates. Great. Let's say you use it at 11am. You now have another 4 hours (until 3pm) to use it before it deactivates.

Now it's lunchtime (hooray!). You should turn off 1 Click Login at this point. If you forget to do so AND you do not close your browser, it'll remain active for the entire time you are gone. Anyone could walk up to your computer and start logging into websites with your credentials. Please be careful when activating this option.

A note to people with nosy significant others or family members. You too, should be weary of activating this option.

Please understand the potential Pros & Cons to this approach before you use it. Be responsible.

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