How to Auto-Login With Basic Authentication


Basic Authentication is a special (older) type of login where the website does not have a login form directly on the webpage. Instead the browser opens a grayish looking box requesting username and password. The Passpack It! button is not able to log you into these websites because of the popup, however there is workaround method that you can use.

(1) In your Entry window, click on the small Options tab to your right.

(2) Select Yes under the Site requires Basic Authentication? option.

(3) Press OK to save your changes.

You should now see a slightly different icon in your password list for this entry. From this point on, to auto-login to that website, you will need to click through to the website from inside your Passpack account by clicking on this icon.

Tech info: usually when you auto-login to a website, we make it so that the website doesn't know your connecting via Passpack. This is an extra precaution so that a unethical webmaster doesn't try and use this information to mount a personal attack on you. It's pretty improbable, but we prefer being safe to sorry. When using Basic Authentication, Passpack can not perform this "cleaning" service for you, so please be careful to make sure that you are connecting to reputable sites, they will know you are arriving to them from Passpack.

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