Known Issues


IMPORTANT! The new Adobe AIR damages the Passpack Desktop's Local Storage

The new Adobe AIR, on some Operating Systems, resets the Encrypted Local Storage where the local Passpack Desktop data are stored. So, please, before upgrading to the new Adobe AIR, do a backup of your local data from "tools > backup" so that, if the data will be lost after the upgrading, you can restore it.


Why can I not sync my Passpack Desktop with my online account?
The first thing to do is to update your Passpack Desktop to the latest version.
If after the update it still doesn't work then...
Passpack continuously improves its security model. That means that all the keys needed to build your pack can deeply change. After a while that a user doesn't sync his account, it could get disaligned. Initially we supported every possible conversion from one version to another. This created a performance issue so we now we only mantain the recent changes. Since the majority of users syncs its account regularly this choice affects only few users.
If you can not sync your account, most probably you are incurring in this case. The best practice to fix the problem in Passpack Desktop is to:
  1. Export the local data so that in the future you can import it again avoiding loss.
  2. Delete the local account. If you try to delete the account in the standard way it may not work. The fastest way is to type a wrong Packing Key during initial authentication and use the emergency command that will appear after.
  3. Start from scratch typing your online UserID and Password and follow the process.
  4. If something is missing in the online data, import the data from the previously saved export.


Why do I get the error "This application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured" when I try to upgrade my Passpack Desktop?
If your current Desktop version is previuos to 2.1.0, you can get an error during the installation caused by the annual switches to new certificates. Please use this work-around:
  • Install the Passpack Desktop 2.1.0 version here
  • Login to that version, then go to Tools > Check for new releases and follow the on screen instructions. This will bring you up to speed with the latest version.



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