How to Invite People to Connect


Go to the People tab from within your Passpack account.

Note that if you haven't activated Passpack's collaboration feature yet, you'll be prompted to do so. Follow these instructions then come back to this page once you're done.

What You'll Need

Make sure you know the Nickname of the person you want to invite. Don't know it? Ask him - Passpack assumes you know each other well if you're going to be sharing passwords and exchanging super-secret messages. If the person you want to invite does not have a Passpack account yet, they will have to sign up first. Yes, we know that's a bit of a pain and we're working on som way to automate that for you. You can vote up this feature in our suggestions box.

Send the Invite 

Click the Invite Someone button.

Type in your friends Nickname. Type it carefully.You'll not be prompted if the name you wrote doesn't exist; the same if your friend doesn't accept your invite. You'll receive a confirmation only if your invite is accepted.

Add a short note to your invite. This is to assure your friend that you're really you. Write something only the two of you can know (ex. what drink you had the last time you went out together).

Preliminary Invite Chat

When your friend recieves your invite, they can choose to accept it right away, or they may ask you some more questions to make sure it's you. The ball is in their court - you can't force them to accept your invite unless you walk over to thier desk and threaten them [wink]. 

At any time, you can click the Manage Invite link next to the person's name in your People tab. This chat should be used only to assure each other that you're adding the right person. Here are some actions you can take:

  • If you originally sent the invite, and have since changed  your mind, press the Revoke Invite button. This will remove the person from youe Person tab. They can no longer accept yor invite.
  • If you received an invite that you would like to accept, press the Accept button.
  • If you have received an invite that you do NOT want to accept, press the Refuse button.
  • If you're not sure, press the Reply button to ask another question in your chat, then Send.

All Done, Now What?

If you don't like the person's Nickname they chose for themselves, you can rename them in your list. Click the Rename link under thier Nickname, type a name you prefer and press OK. You'll still be able to see thier official Nickname in parenthesis.

Now you can send a message, send a password or start truly sharing with this person. Enjoy!

Premium accounts, you can also organize your contacts into groups, and batch share passwords with those groups.

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