What if I forget my User ID, Password or Packing Key?


What if I Forget my User ID or Password?

If you confirmed your email address with us, you can use this form to recover your User ID or to reset your Password. You will still need to remember your Packing Key though - we can't recover that for you.

What if I Forget my Packing Key?

Your Packing Key can not be retrieved - we do not know it.

In some cases, you may request a "Packing Key Rollback". This is only possible when you have previously changed your Packing Key and you remember the old one but not the new one. When prompted for your Packing Key, if you insert in incorrect Packing Key, while trying to sign into your account, Passpack will prompt you with a link underneath the Unpack button. Click it and follow the on screen instructions.

Please remember that we can ONLY help you if you confirmed your email address with us. If you did not then there is nothing we can do - we're very sorry.

Can You Delete My Account So I Can Start Over?

That depends. Please see this article.

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