What is a Disposable Login?


A Disposable Login is a set of Password and Packing Key that you use once, and then it gets thrown away. You can not choose your Disposable Logins, they will be assigned to you.

Disposable Logins are sometimes referred to as "One Time Password" or OTP for short. However at Passpack you get more than just a single use password, you get a Password/Packing Key combination. This is why we prefer the name"Disposable Login" over OTP.

When to Use Disposable Logins

Disposable Logins are for use when traveling. They help protect your Passpack account when you connect from a computer that is not under your direct control (like at an Internet point, library, client's office or computer lab). 

How Disposable Logins Protect You

Certain types of malevolent software - called keyloggers, or screenloggers - are able to capture your password as you type, or even record clicks on an on-screen keyboard. Since your Passpack account holds the keys to your kindgom, you should be very careful NOT to allow these programs to capture your Passpack Password and Packing Key.

By using a disposable Password/Packing Key pair, you will be able to protect your account from these keyloggers. Even if your Disposable Login were to get captured, it's completely useless since it only works ONCE (the one time you used it).

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