Send a Copy of a Password Entry to Another Passpack Account


This feature allows you to send a copy of any of your password entries to someone else with a Passpack account. If you'd like to send a copy to someone without a Passpack account, that's ok, just read this article instead.

By using the Attach to message link in the Entry Window, a copy of the entry will sent as an attachment on a Secure Message to the person of your choice. You must first make sure you have activated Passpack's Secure Sharing theninvite someone to connect in your People tab. 

How To Send the Password Entry

To send a password entry, go to the Passwords tab. You will see a list of all the entries that you have already saved. Click on the name of the entry that you would like to send to open the Entry Window. Click the Attach to message link in the lower right-hand corner.

 Securely Send a Password

(1) Choose the name of the person from the dropdown list that you would like to send the entry to. Only people listed under your People tab will be available.

(2) Add a short note for your friend, no longer than 500 characters. This is message that your friend will receive in her Messages tab, with the password entry as an attachment on this message.

(3) Notes are not automatically included. If you would like to include the Notes as well, tick the include notes too checkbox. Tags will never be included.

(4) Press the Send Now button when you are done. As soon as you confirm on the next screen, the message with password attachment will be immediately delivered to your friend's Passpack account.

Can I Change My Password Entry After Sending?

Sure. When you send a password entry, you are sending a duplicate copy of the entry exactly the way it was the moment you sent it. Any changes you make after the fact will have NO effect on the copy that your friend now has. Also any changes your friend makes to her copy of the entry will have NO effect on your Passpack account.

If you would like all changes to automatically be available to the other person, we suggest you use the password sharing feature instead.

What Happens If I Delete My Entry?

Deleting the entry from your Passpack account will delete your copy only and will have NO effect on your friend's copy. You can not "take back" a password entry once you send it, so be careful. 

If you would like to maintain control of a password and be able to revoke access to it, we suggest you use the password sharing feature instead.

Is There a Log of What I Sent, and to Whom?

A copy of the message you sent and the password entry attachment will be placed under your Messages tab. The attached entry will not change over time.

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