What is a Third Party Login?


When you sign into Passpack, you usually provide your Passpack User ID and Password. A Third Party Login replaces that User ID / Password combination with its own. You will always have to choose and provide your Packing Key.

For example, if you have a Gmail account, you can use your Gmail username and password to login to Passpack instead of the Passpack User ID and Password. Then you insert your Packing Key. All done.

Passpack Supports These Third Party Logins

Benefits for New Passpack Users

For folks who do not yet have a Passpack account, Third Party Logins make signing up go much faster, and you are not required to create and remember yet another username and password... after all, if you're signing up for Passpack, you probably already have too many password to remember as it is.


Benefits for Existing Passpack Users

If you already have a Passpack account, then you have probably already chosen a Passpack User ID and Password. However you can still associate a Third Party Login to your account. In any given moment, you can choose to login with whichever credentials you prefer.

For example, if you are constantly on Facebook, you can associate your Facebook login to your Passpack account. When you go to https://www.passpack.com/facebook and press the Sign In button. Facebook will do the rest. then you insert your Packing Key. All done.

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