Auto-login: When to Ask for Help


As you know, you can, and should, teach Passpack how to login to new websites with your Passpack It! button. This should work pretty often, but there are some times when it’s better to ask for help. Here are some examples.

Tips to Make it Work

Before you read on to the solutions to common problems, make sure have read this article on how to teach Passpack a website. And remember… go slowly.

When You Need More Fields

Some websites use a captcha, require you to check boxes, or request that you fill out more fields than just the username and password. The solution is very simple: fill out the extra fields, check boxes and captchas, BEFORE pressing your Passpack It! button. … Easy as that.

When it Used to Work

Sometimes, you’ll just swear that you've already used your Passpack It! button on a website, but when you come back to it, it asks you to “teach” it. No worries, chances are, you’re not going crazy. Websites change from time to time, and Passpack needs to be retrained. You can use this form or the Feedback tab in your Passpack It! pop-up to quickly let us know. We'll usually solve the problem fairly quickly.

When it Just Refuses to Work

This can be frustrating, but there are some very tricky things that may cause the Passpack It! button to get confused. Here are some:

  1. the login is on a different domain (ex. Flickr login on Yahoo)
  2. the site uses multiple page login (ex.
  3. the site uses HTTP Basic Authentication
  4. the login is in a Flash movie or Java Applet
  5. the site itself has errors

In case #1, we can help so you can use this form to request an alias. For all the others, sorry but your auto-login will not work. Passpack might (big maybe) support #2 or #3 in the future, but it will never support #4 or #5.

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