How to Teach Passpack to Login to a Website


Your Passpack It! button can only log you into websites that itís ďlearnedĒ already. Teaching a new website is optional, but itís also fairly easy. Hereís how to do it. 

First, make sure that you have installed your Passpack It! button, and you know how to use it

When Passpack needs you to teach it a new website, you will see pop-up box with instructions. These instructions should be fairly straight forward - read them, press Start Training Now to make the pop-up box go away. Now, click on the username field, the password field and the login button (in that order). A dotted red border lets you know your click has been recorded.

Training the Passpack it! Button 

Once you do this, youíll see an alert box that will ask you if you think it worked or not:

If so, press OK, the page will refresh and you can press your Passpack It! button again to login. It should work right away.

If not, or youíre not sure, just press cancel and no harm done (scroll down for instructions when it seems to be broken).

Some Tips

Click slowly. Give Passpack some time between clicks to register what is happening. Wait for the red border to appear. Usually a deep breath between clicks will workÖ and youíll be more relaxed too [smile]. If there is no red border after a deep breath, then try clicking it again (just once, donít go wild).

Use the Escape Key. If, when you click the field, the browser shows you a bunch of autofill options, then just press the ESC key on your keyboard and itíll go away. This wonít interfere with training and you can proceed.

Press ESC when training 

When Training Does Not Work

The internet is a varied an complex place. The Passpack It! button does its absolute best to learn new websites, but it canít always manage. If you have repeatedly tried to teach it a new site but just canít get it to work, then itís best that you tell us here with a link to the site that is not working.

NEW For even faster service, double click on your Passpack It! button. this will bring up a pop-up box. Click on the Feedback tab, and use the form to immediately submit the website to our attention.

There is no need to send any login information - so please donít.

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