How to Turn 1 Click Login On or Off


Note: There are two ways to auto-login: standard, and 1 Click Login. Read more on what's the difference.

To get your Passpack It! button to use 1 Click Login, you must first turn it on from within your account. Then you can browse the internet in a different window (or tab) for as long as you like. When you want to login to a website, just click your Passpack It! button.

How to Turn On 1 Click Login

You can do this one of two ways: either by clicking the button in the upper right hand corner of the pane that says Turn On 1 Click Login or going to the Auto-login tab and click Turn it On

You can also elect to have 1 Click Login automatically turned on for you when you sign into your account. Go to Settings > Startup Options to set this up (instruction here).

How To Turn Off 1 Click Login

There are five ways to turn off 1 Click Login:

  1. Click turn it off in the top-right corner of your screen
  2. Go to 1 Click Login in your Auto-login tab, press Stop.
  3. Click Lock it up! in the upper right corner of your screen.
  4. From any website, double-click your Passpack It! button. Click turn it off in the bottom-right corner of the pop-up.
  5. Logout or close your browser.
After you have turned off 1 Click Login, you may still use your Passpack It! button, but you must click through to websites from your password list.

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