Must I Be Logged Into Passpack To Use My Passpack It! Button?


Normally, in order for your Passpack It! button to work, your Passpack account must be open in a browser window or tab. If it isn't you may see the following message when you click your Passpack It! button:

To use the Passpack It! button, you must connect to this website through your Passpack Password Manager.

To avoid this message, make sure that you have Passpack open in a browser window or tab and are able to see a list of passwords in the Passwords tab in your Passpack account.  Remember that Passpack may automatically lockup when left unattended, or if you press the Lock it up! button. If Passpack is asking you for your Packing Key, then your account has timed out. You will need to insert your Packing Key in order for your Passpack It! button to work.

I Don't Want to Keep Passpack Open. Is There An Option for That?

Yes, there is. Go to Auto-login > Options for power users. Please make sure you understand how this works, and the implications.

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