What is the Difference Between Auto-Login and 1 Click Login?


1 Click Login is a type of auto-login. That said, the terminology can be a little confusing and frankly, there isn't really that much difference. Here's a quick explanation.

You can arrive at a website that requires a login a number of ways: on your own either by typing a URL into a browser or following your own bookmark. You can also click on the Go button from the password list, or on Go There from the entry window. In any case, once you’ve arrived there, you can always click Passpack It! to log you in.

What is Auto-login?

Auto-login simply means that you use your Passpack It! button to have Passpack fill in the login form for you to any of the websites that you have stored in your Passpack account. You must connect to the website's login form via the Go button in your main password list, or on Go There from the entry window.

What is 1 Click Login?

1 Click login is a faster way of using your Passpack It! button. With 1 Click Login, you can leave Passpack open in a tab or window while you browse, then simply click your Passpack It! button when you happen upon a website that you would like to login to.

This is different from standard auto-login because you do not need to connect to the website's login form via your Passpack account.

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