What Should I Do If I Don't See My Welcome Message?


First, do not panic. Stop, and look and see if you are connected to https://www.passpack.com (be careful of artfully similar domains like passspack.com). If the domain is correct, it's just a false alarm. You can stop reading.

If the domain is NOT correct, do not type in your Packing Key. If you already have, continue following these instructions anyway. 

Open a new browser window and manually type in https://www.passpack.com. Stay calm, make sure you're not mistyping - and sign in as usual with your User ID, Password and Packing Key. Go immediately to Account > Change Password. The screen that appears will allow you to change your Password to something new and very different. Do that. Now contact us immediately.

If you are unable to complete the steps above, you should report an account theft immediately.

Can There Be Any False Alarms?

Yes. If you do not see your Welcome Message, and you are sure the address is correct, then it is likely a false alarm.

A common cause is if your IP address should change. This is fairly normal. If it happens frequently, you might try to select the Activate the IP family option under Settings > Welcome Message. More instructions here.

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