How To Check for Javascript Errors

If you've found an error in Passpack, you can help us pinpoint the problem by activating the Javascript console in your browser and reporting the error to us. Here's how to do that - thanks for your help!

Activate the Console

Google Chrome
Click the page icon and choose Developer > Javascript Console.

Choose Tools > Error Console. If you already use Firebug, then you can use it's "Console" tab as well.

Instructions vary from version to version. If you can use a different browser just for this test, we'd really appreciate it.

From the Opera menu, choose Page > Developer Tools > Error Console.

The application Firebug lite isn't able to grab all Javascript errors. Full-fledged Firefox: yes. Firebug lite: no. Thanks.

Report Errors

With your console active, enter your Passpack account, and do whatever it was that didn't work the first time. Or if your support rep gave you specific tasks, then follow those instructions. When you're done, or if you get stuck, check the console to see if any errors were reported. Copy and paste these to your support rep. Thanks!

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