How Many People Can I Share Passwords With?



Look in your people tab. Under every person's name, there's a start sharing link. If YOU press that link, you'll be using up one of your shared users. That's active sharing. People you are actively sharing with will be highlighted in your list with an orange SHARING box.

The number of people you can actively share with depends on the type of Passpack account you have.

  • Free accounts can share with 1 person.
    This is perfect for families (or hungry startup founders)
  • Pro accounts can share with up to 3 people at once.
    This is great for freelancers and home businesses.
  • Group accounts can share with up to 15 people at once.
    This is the right fit for small firms and IT departments.
  • Team accounts can share with up to 80 people at once.
    We went a little crazy on this one - super generous for small businesses.

These are simultaneous users. That's good news for you because it may save you money. If you stop actively sharing with someone, then they are no longer counted as one of your shared users so ou can share with somene else instead.

Check out our Products page for more features and pricing.

Active Sharing vs. Passive Sharing? 

Everything described above is active sharing. But what it someone you know (perhaps your boss) is sharing with you? That's ok, it counts against his number of shared users, not yours. It all depends on who clicked that start sharing link. 

No matter what kind of account, everyone can receive passwords from an unlimited amount of people. We call this passive sharing. These people will be highlighted in your list with a black SHARING box in your people tab.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have a free account and decided to share some common passwords with your housemate - that's the 1 shared person that comes with your free account. Good. Now let's say your boss wants to assign some passwords to you at work. That's OK too, you can receive these passwords for free, and you can still keep sharing with your housemate.

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